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Tom DeLonge on Coast to Coast AM – December 18 2011


For those of you who are Blink182 fans (like me), you will immediately recognize the name Tom DeLonge. Tom is a singer, songwriter, plays instruments and is involved in many other activities – from producing films to fashion design! But, one of his biggest passions is researching UFO’s. Yes, that’s right! Tom is a Ufologist. This year Tom helped launch …

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First Earth-sized planets spotted

Astronomers have detected the first Earth-sized planets, which are orbiting a star similar to our own Sun. In the distant past they may have been able to support life and one of them may have had conditions similar to our own planet – a so-called Earth-twin – according to the research team. They have described …

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UFO or UAV being transported down route 77, COWLEY COUNTY, USA. 12/12/11 (IDENTIFIED)

The unknown craft reported to be transported down route 77, Cowley County, USA, has been identified as a Northrop Grumman drone X-47B. If you would like to read more about this craft, you may do so HERE and HERE. Thank you all who helped update this post with your comments. Here is a video of the …

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Multiple UFO’s filmed in Florida, USA. [04-12-11]

YouTube user Andromeda7761 has uploaded the following video in recent days: Apparently what we are seeing is multiple UFO’s flying over the night sky in South Florida, US. They are intriguing, but I am not discounting the possiblilty that they are nothing more than Chinese lanterns – Mostly because I’ve never seen a Chinese lantern …

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Two UFO documentaries added to gallery

I’ve added two more documentaries to the UFO documentaries playlist. There is a total of 32 full length videos now in the playlist. Some of them are old, some of them are new, but all are good and all worth watching. Here are the lastest two additions:   Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape Top …

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Michio Kaku talks about Gliese 581g

Here are a couple of interview’s with physicist Michio Kaku talking about the latest planet to be compared to Earth. Dr. Kaku tells us about what all the fuss is about and what needs to happen next. Gliese 581g is 20ly’s(light years) away, so even if we do detect some form of signals from an …

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